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Social Networking is a way of mingling with like minded people where you can get encouragement to pursue your goals or present your ideas to others who can give you feedback whether good or bad, so that you can modify your ideas that they proceed to fruition. Clubs are one way of meeting like minded people who want to move up in the world and not sit and wait for the world and life to pass them by. There are numerous clubs or groups available in the capital cities to meet others who are pursueing their dreams like you. Attending meetings or social gatherings will without a doubt benefit you and your goals.

Collective buying power is the ability of a group of consumers to leverage the group size in exchange for discounts.

I am a great believer in collective buying power, the more people we have in a group, club, society or collective the more influence we have over businesses to give us a better discount when buying everyday items. We all need beds, fridges, washing machines, TV's, pots, pans, cutlery, linen etc. to live our everyday lives so the bigger the discount we get when purchasing any and all products the more money you personally have to invest for your future and thus advancing your dreams of entrepreneurship.

One of the businesses I regularly purchase from is Bunnings - timber, tools, all types of hardware for the house, electrical gear, everything for the garden, plants, tiles, kitchen hardware, the list is unending so getting a discount from this company would be a major saving for most families. If we could get trade prices thru our collective it would be a major saving for all of us.

If you would like to join THE ENTREPRENEUR COLLECTIVE please send me an email and I will compile a list of members so we can all begin to save and invest more in our future (

Here is a list of some entrepreneur clubs and groups you may like to join to advance your dreams:

















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